Sip is a modern color picker that brings ease to color organization & team collaboration.

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menu bar interface

Menu Bar

Edit your color palettes on the fly in our thoughtfully balanced menu bar app that offers essential functionality without being intrusive.

main window interface

Main Window

For more advanced color and format management, use the full native app window that empowers all the organisational capabilities you would expect.

color dock interface

Color Dock

Easily access your favorite colors with our color dock. It stays visible on any edge of your screen, so you can use your colors without losing focus on your work.

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Precise Picker

Our new color picker, allows you to quickly and easily select any color on your screen, twice as fast as before.

Through convenient shortcuts it allows you to pick multiple colors, create a palette when picking colors, and send colors directly to your tools of choice.

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Powerful Editor

Manage your palettes, collaborate with your team, bring your perfect colors to life. Create, edit, and share colors in a natural and intuitive way.

Menu Bar interface

Editing colors made simple and enjoyable. Add descriptions to your colors, palettes, and custom formats for easy management.

Sip's palettes and sub-palettes provide a flexible solution for organizing colors according to modern teams' needs.

Manage access to your content Manage access to your content by setting it as private or shared among collaborators. Ensure seamless collaboration by managing permissions.

Custom Formats

Choose from a variety of color formats or create your own, tailored to your specific needs.

Easily share your custom formats with your team members, or keep them private for your own use.

How to create a custom format
custom formats section

Contrast Checker

Make your design more accessible by identifying and improving low-contrast text and background colors.

Easily fix contrast issues and save the corrected colors as a new palette with just a click.

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contraat checker interface

Smart Formats

Sip automatically detects the software you're using and adjusts the color format accordingly, eliminating the need for you to manually switch between formats.

Learn how enable smart formats
smart formats interface

New in Sip 3.0

Rebuilt from scratch, resulting in a more intuitive and seamless experience with top-notch performance.

  • Window App

    A richer experience when organising your projects.

  • Sub Palettes

    A flexible solution for organizing colors.

  • 2x Faster

    Retina ready color picker.

  • New in

  • Descriptions

    Improved communication around content.

  • Shortcuts

    Better shortcuts for more intuitive control.

  • Collaboration

    Share and Sync content between devices