• Can I have Sip launching automatically at login?
    Yes, you can! You just need to go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items, press the + button and then choose Sip.
  • Is it possible to show only my favorite color formats?
    Yes, just go to Sip Preferences > Formats and then select which color formats you want display in Sip.
  • Why can’t I open Sip in OSX 10.10?
    Sorry, we only support El Capitain (10.11)and Sierra (10.12).
  • I’ve spotted a bug. How do I notify it?
    Thanks for helping us! Please feel free to contact us or send us a tweet and we’ll work on it as soon as we can.
  • Love the color names! Where do they come from?
    We love it too! It comes from an awesome project called " Name that color", by Chirag Mehta.
  • I’m having problems restoring my Pro account, what should I do?
    Sorry to hear that, please restart your computer and try again, that usually fix the problem. If the problem persists please contact us.
  • Why does Sip get different output values on different Softwares?
    The output may be different because each software uses a different color profile. You can match the color profile by using the or shortcuts.
  • Where can I find the End User License Agreement (EULA)?
    Here it is!