Sip Features


Palettes brings you a new way to create, organize and share colors with everyone. Use it to organize anything in your life that has colors, either it's a design project, a moodboard, or the next color scheme for your room.

Multiple Colors

Picking multiple colors is as easy as it should be. Just hold or and click in the sequence of colors you need.

Color Dock

Color dock makes your palettes more available and unobtrusive than ever. Quickly access it without losing focus of what you are working.


We know how important your data is. That’s why we created snapshots.

Custom Formats

Sip now has a smarter way to offer all color formats you will ever need! We give you the ability to not only customise the color formats that already is provided, but also create new ones.


Hold Key while picking or selecting a color from Sip and it will add to the software you are working on.


Editor makes all the editing a powerful and pleasant experience. It’s where you will edit your paletes, your color names, create new palettes and colors from existing ones. We give you full editing capabilities.


Interact with your colors directly from the touchbar.

Sip Sync

Besides all the new features Sip Pro offers, you now have all your content synced in your devices. Finish organising a palette on your iPhone or create new ones on the move. When you get back to you Mac all new content will be there, we promise!