The Editor makes all the editing experience powerful and pleasant. Edit Palettes, color names,create new Palettes and colors from existing ones. You have full editing capabilities.

Editing a Color.

You can access the Editor Modal by hovering the actions button on the top right of each Palette cell and clicking on the Editor icon. When the Editor modal is opened The Close Editor icon then replaces this icon.

Edit color Value

Once in the Editor Modal, click on any given color to edit. That will launch the Color Editor, giving you the ability to edit a color through the universal color picker, though the hexadecimal input field, or through the RGBA (RED, Green, Blue, Alpha) individual fields.

Editing Color values.

When you are done Editing, select one of the 3 options that appear on top right of the color being edited. The icon on the left allows you to cancel the edition, the one in the middle allows you to confirm (replacing the old color), and the one on the right allows you to duplicate the color, (maintaining the previously selected color and saving a new one).

Share a Palette

Sharing a Palette.

To share a Palette, go to the drop-down at the bottom of the Editor modal and select in which format you want to share it. Currently, you can share a Palette as:

  • Sip Palette
  • Adobe Swatch Exchange
  • SASS
  • SCSS
  • Objective-C Category (UIColor)
  • Objective-C Category (NSColor)
  • Swift Extension (UIColor)
  • Swift Extension (NSColor)
  • Xcode Assets
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • Apple Color List
  • HEX
  • GIMP
  • JASC