Custom Formats

Custom Formats give you the ability to you to create any Color Format you need, either from scratch or based on one of the existing ones.

To access the Custom Formats interface, select Custom Format in the Add tool, the insert popup menu in the Toolbar.

Hover the top right icon to reveal actions.

The Custom Formats interface is composed of 3 sections, the toolbar, the Code Editor and the Bottom Bar.


Custom formats toolbar.

The "start with": Dropdown gives you the options to select if you want to create a Custom Format froms cratch or based in one of the existing ones.

The "Help" Dropdown menu shows you predefined functions and properties to help you create a Custom Format.

The code formatter on the top right helps you on the code organization and indentation.

Right below there's the "Format name" input field for you to name the format you are about to create.

Code Editor

Custom Formats Editor

The Code Editor is divided by 3 tabs:

  • Clipboard Format, defines how the color is saved in your clipboard,
  • Menu format, defines how the color is displayed on SipMenu
  • Picker Format, defines how the format is displayed in the picker.

Below, in the output, you can preview the code for each of this 3 tabs.

Tip: You can change the color displayed in the output by click in it.

Bottom Bar

custom Formats Bottom Bar.

In this section you find the options to delete the Color Format, save a Color Format or download it to your computer.

Tip: you can share your Custom Formats by Downloading them and sharing the file it’s created on your computer.