Color Dock

The color dock makes your palettes more available and unobtrusive than ever.

It lives on the edge of your screen. It’s persistently visible and on top of everything, allowing you to access all your colors without losing focus of what you are working.

Color Dock, attached to the edge of your screen.

You can choose which the palettes you want to be displayed in the color dock by selecting the Add to color dock icon on the top right of each Palette. You can select up to 10 palettes.

Select up to ten Palettes to be displayed in the Color Dock

You can move the color dock to any area of your screen by dragging it. When you release it the color dock snaps to the nearest edge of your screen.

Drag the Color dock to any positon you like in the screen's edges.

Alongside each palette, you have the action icon. When hovered it displays a set of actions:

  • Favorite palettes
  • Remove Palettes from the color dock
  • Lock palettes, to avoid any undesirable editing.
  • Delete Palettes.
  • Open Editor.

Tip: Drag and drop the color dock to the center of your screen to disable it. To show it again, go to preferences > Color dock > Show color dock.