Moving From Mac App Store

After almost 5 years of distributing Sip in the Apple Store, we made the decision to move away and distribute Sip independently.

The App Store is a great platform for distributing software, but right now we need more control and freedom to build what we think is best for our users. Also, there are restrictions imposed by Mac App Store guidelines such as sandboxing that limit some of the features we want to bring to Sip.

In general, we believe that independently distributing Sip will allow us to deliver a better application and support to our users.

What will change:

How to migrate:

1. On the current Sip, you have installed (downloaded from the Mac App store) go to the Sip preferences. In the About section, copy the UID.

2. Go to Sip website, click on the Buy Button.

3. Use your UIDas a discount coupon. (This coupon only works one time.)

That’s it.

Sip Prousers will get this migration for free!

Sip Freeusers, you can use Sip Free as long as you want and you do not need to upgrade to this new version. Nevertheless, for a limited period, we are offering you a 70% discount coupon.

If you have any questions concerning this migration, please contact us via emailor twitter.

Thank you all for continuing support Sip!

Olá Brothers Team.